Why your Washing Machine may be Smoking Inside

Why your Washing Machine may be Smoking Inside- Important 6 Reasons 

A washing machine is one of the most used home appliances available almost in every home. It reduces a lot of human efforts and does a great job of washing the house’s laundry. However, smoking within washing machines is disturbing and can cause potential risks. This will not only disturb your laundry schedule but may also cause damage to other …

A washing machine is one of the most used home appliances available almost in every home. It reduces a lot of human efforts and does a great job of washing the house’s laundry. However, smoking within washing machines is disturbing and can cause potential risks. This will not only disturb your laundry schedule but may also cause damage to other electrical components and can be a threat to life.

The article reviews the possible causes of smoke or burning smell coming from a washing machine. The possible causes could be excessive detergent use, electrical issues, motor trouble, obstructed ventilation, and overheating. If you read this article from start to end and comprehend it fully, you may know Why your Washing Machine may be Smoking Inside and save your washing machine from any damage and also can reduce the potential risk to life. 

Overheating Washing Machine

Why your Washing Machine may be Smoking Inside

Overheat is the most common reason for a washing machine generating smoke. While washing, the components inside the machine do a high job of rotating the drum. In this process, a lot of friction happens, and because of mechanical movement, heat is generated. And if the heat reaches a certain limit higher than component tolerance, this process will generate smoke. It overloading the washing machine with laundry items and running it for several hours can also cause overheating the machine.

There can be several reasons for washing machines to generate smoke, such as a broken thermostat, a faulty heating element, and a blocked venting system. The thermostat is a temperature manager. It controls the temperature inside the washing machine, so if it fails to function properly, it will generate smoke, and overheating will be the ultimate consequence. A worn-out or damaged component can also generate excessive heat, producing smoke and a burning smell.

If the washing machine is not placed in the proper venting environment, it can also disturb the required airflow, effectively disturbing heat dissipation. This reason can also result in smoking and overheating washing machines. Daily cleaning of the lint filters and ensuring the venting system is neat and clean can help avoid overheating and smoking washing machine problems. 

Electrical Malfunctions

Electrical problems can pose potential threats and require immediate solutions. When the electrical components in the washing machine, such as wires, circuits, or control boards, become faulty, they can generate sparks and smoke.

Electrical problems are dangerous; close monetary can save you and your machine from potential risks. Any faulty wire, circuit, or control board may cause sparks and smoke in the washing machine.

Voltage fluctuation or power surges can put the electrical system of the washing machine at risk. It is highly mandatory to ensure that you provide a stable power supply to the washing machine and use surge protectors to avoid any electrical issues. 

There is a proper guide for electrical issues. To understand the electrical issues look for symbols such as flickering lights, strange machine noises, and sudden halting mid-cycle. It is important to unplug the washing machine as soon as possible when you see any of these signs and call an expert for immediate repair. 

Motor Overheating

The motor is a crucial part of the washing machine system; it is the driving source of the drum in the washing machine. If the motor is heating up and still in use for a prolonged duration or undergoes mechanical problems, it can generate heat and smoke.

Over time, the motor’s bearings’ life decays and causes extra friction and overheating. Daily maintenance and appropriate lubrication can increase the motor’s lifespan and save it from problems. If you feel any unusual happening or feel a vibration, then unplug it and stay away until the technician repairs and solves the problem.

Putting too many laundry items into the washing machine can overload the motor. And remember, there is a proper prescription according to which you have to load it, but if you overload it, the engine will carry an extra load and cause it to overheat. To avoid motor-related issues, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Excessive Detergent Usage

Putting in an excess amount of detergent can be normal for you. Still, it badly impacts your washing machine because excessive detergent can gather a buildup, blocking or harming various machine components. 

The residues from detergent are gathered on the drum’s surface or heating element, which causes overheating and smoke. To avoid it, follow the manufacturer’s prescriptions about detergent usage and avail optimal efficiency detergents.

After each wash cycle, check if suds of soap are there, and clean these all carefully. Use the advised quantity of detergent and a specified number of laundry items. Overloading the engine is not good for engine health.

External Object Interference

External objects: Coins, hairpins, and buttons may enter the machine and disturb its working mechanism. These items enter the machine, get stuck in the drum, and cause friction. You may also hear odd voices, something stuck with the drum. It results in the malfunctioning of the washing machine. It is a good practice before you put clothes in the washing machine double check pockets and if any loose items that may be destroyed and get stuck in the drum while getting washed. It may cause smoke and malfunctioning of the washing machine, and your schedule for washing clothes will be disturbed too.

Improper Ventilation

Ventilation is again an important factor for electrical machines. Suppose proper ventilation is not provided, then mechanical machines heat up and result in smoke. You must place the washing machine in a properly ventilated area where the machine gets open and runs well. Ventilation helps the machine to dissipate the heated-up energy efficiently. The motor is not so heated that it can generate smoke and malfunction.

FAQs on Why your Washing Machine may be Smoking Inside

What are the possible causes of smoke from my washing machine?

There can be many reasons for smoke from the washing machine. Primary factors include electrical problems such as faulty wires, circuits, or control boards due to Sparks and some smoke. Secondary reasons are overheating motor, old bearings, or overloading the machine with heavy laundry.

Is it safe to continue using my washing machine if it’s smoking?

No. A smoking washing machine is very unsafe to continue using. Come along and turn it off, unplug it, and seek immediate professional repair to avoid exposure to potential hazards.

How can I prevent my washing machine from smoking?

Daily maintenance, cleaning the drum, inspecting and hoses, and loading to proper capacity helps in minimizing smoking issues.

Why does my washing machine emit a burning smell and smoke during the spin cycle?

A motor that overheats or a fraction caused by foreign objects inside the drum can cause a burning smell and smoke while functioning.

Are certain washing machine brands more prone to smoking issues?

No, washing machines from different brands are unlikely to have the same problem. Smoking issues are not direct problems. Other problems cause them. Such as, motor bearings are worn out and causing high friction, wires or winding getting burnt due to high voltage or voltage fluctuation, or the drum is jammed and overloads the motor, and the motor is unable to move the drum will result in smoke. So, you should buy a branded washing machine to avoid these general problems. 

What should I do if I notice smoke from my washing machine?

First of all, don’t touch it until it is plugged in. Unplug it, then check if there is a problem that you can configure. Otherwise, immediately call the technician for immediate repair.

Can a clogged filter or drain cause a washing machine to smoke?

Yes, a clogged or draining filter pours the water onto electrical equipment. It may cause an electrical fire or malfunctioning of components, and of course, it will result in smoke emission.

Are there any safety hazards associated with a smoking washing machine?

Yes, of course. Smoke is a clear indication of potential damage in the washing machine. That is also a clear indication of the potential risk that something has gone in the washing machine. It may carry current; if you touch it, you can get a shock. Immediate repair is the only safety measure to avoid any potential risk.


If you experience a washing machine generating smoke, then it is obvious that something is wrong. At the very first step, unplug it and look into the issue. Call the technician to get the air repaired. Remember that you should not put it in the running despite it generating smoke, and don’t touch it because it may carry current and cause potential risk.

It happens for certain reasons, such as overheating, high voltage or voltage fluctuation, motor bearings, external objects interference, and improper ventilation. 

It is safer to follow the prescribed guidelines, maintain routine maintenance, and monitor if you experience unusual happening. Before any problem occurs in the washing machine, you should configure it and call a technician for immediate repair.

Finally, double-check the clothes before putting them in the machine because coins or buttons may get into the machine and get stuck on the drum’s surface, causing friction. That creates the possibility of smoke blowing out. If you follow the above guidelines and do as prescribed, you can avoid electrical, mechanical, and potential issues that may cause risk and result in malfunctioning the machine. Again don’t forget to do routine maintenance of home appliances. If there are any issues, routine maintenance will help you configure it before it turns into a major problem.

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