How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes When Washing

How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes When Washing – 8 Powerful Hacks

Having a cat around the house is the best way to fill it with joy and happiness. However, this happiness comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of hair. Although you love your cute little fur ball, cleaning that hair from your house and clothes feels like a tedious chore. Wondering how to remove cat hair from clothes …

Having a cat around the house is the best way to fill it with joy and happiness. However, this happiness comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of hair. Although you love your cute little fur ball, cleaning that hair from your house and clothes feels like a tedious chore. Wondering how to remove cat hair from clothes when washing? We have the answer for you. 

You must have dealt with their shedding if you have been the pet parent of four-legged fur animals. Although it’s healthy for them to shed fur, it’s their hair clinging to our clothes that we don’t want. Nonetheless, you should also examine whether your cat is shedding excessively, which is a matter of concern. 

You may think grooming your cat will provide the solution, but that is untrue. The fur or hair will stick to any fabric that has texture. So there are no quick fixes for removing cat hair from clothes when washing them, but you can try inventive solutions. Here are some of our best tips that you can easily follow. 

Your Cat Comes First

When your cat sheds, it can get rid of the damaged and old upper coat and grow a healthy one. And this damaged upper coat, or the hair, is what actually gets stuck to your clothes. What you can do is brush your cat daily. And also, that is a way to show affection to your little fur ball, isn’t it?

However, we encourage you to consult a vet if your cat sheds heavily. Also, professional pet grooming options are always available  to help tame the beast. 

Vacuuming is Everything 

If you allow your cat to use the sofa, bed, or any other furniture that you frequently use, make sure that you vacuum those regularly. Use some upholstery tools and different vacuum attachments  to get to every single corner. Sometimes you may have to vacuum 2 to 3 times daily, which seems like a lot. However, it will have long-term benefits. 

A Lint Roller is a Lifesaver

A lint roller is a must for cat parents. Before tossing your clothes into the laundry, run a lint roller over them. If you don’t have one, use the sticky side of a piece of tape and gently press that around your clothes. 

Dryer Sheets Also Help 

An excellent tool to lower fabric static is a dryer sheet that works very well to prevent cat hair from sticking to your clothes. But don’t use the same dryer sheet with every laundry load. Instead, change the lint screen frequently. 

Fabric Softener is Useful 

Investing in a good fabric softener will help you remove cat hair from your clothes and also help you to keep your clothes shining like new. Alternatively, you can use white vinegar in the washing machine dispenser for fabric softener for about 120 ML. The acid in it will quickly remove any pet hair. 

Set the Washing Machine Right 

Another investment a cat owner must make is in a smart washing machine. Most new washing machine settings have a built-in pet-pro filter that swiftly removes pet hair. If your washing machine is not advanced, run the water twice and add fabric softener before washing. Also, wipe it well after washing. 

Drying Clothes Before the Wash 

A simple trick with the dryer can save you a lot of time. Put the hair-covered clothes in your dryer for 10 minutes in a low heat setting. Add another 5 minutes if there’s still hair. You may see visible results and also clear the filter afterward. 

Dryer Balls are Good 

Dryer balls are a chemical-free and budget-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. It also saves time and removes most cat hair from your clothes when washing them. Toss the ball inside the dryer machine and relax. 

Rubber gloves are handy

When it comes to quick fixes for removing cat hair from clothes, rubber gloves are one of them. Gently wet the gloves and rub them over the clothes before tossing them into the washing machine. As gloves have a bumpy surface, they pull out cat hair easily. But to remove the hair from rubber gloves, you can soak them in hot water.

Some extra tips and hacks to remove cat hair from clothes

  • You don’t just get cat hair in your clothes by cuddling them. You must clean them thoroughly if they regularly get up to your bed, couch, or anything with a fabric-like texture. Also, wash your towels and keep them away from your cat so their fur doesn’t stick in. 
  • Anti-static spray can be an excellent option to clean the hair from furniture. Mix a good amount of water with a fabric conditioner, and you will get an affordable one without any hassle. 
  • Don’t put too many clothes in the washing machine altogether that can overcrowd it. Pet hair removal process is not easy so it needs to be loosened so that it can flush away. 
  • Remember the mantra; dry-wash-dry. Before the wash, toss the clothes into the dryer for a non-heat setting and then dry them again after the wash. Don’t forget to shake the clothes thoroughly. 
  • If you have a wooden floor, brush them or vacuum them frequently. Also, don’t forget to clean your cat’s bed with anti-bacterial solutions. You can also shake their beds outside your house regularly to reduce the amount of hair getting stuck here and there. 

FAQs on How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes When Washing

What kind of laundry detergent is best for removing cat hair from clothes?

When choosing a laundry detergent to remove cat hair from clothes, choose one with deep cleaning properties. Active oxygen and enzyme-filled detergents are the best. Click here to choose one from Amazon

Can fabric softener help remove cat hair from clothes in the washing machine?

Liquid fabric softener loosens the cat hair and removes the stickiness. When purchasing one, look for natural ingredients so clothes aren’t ruined. Use 1 or 2 spoonful of fabric softener, depending on the load of clothes.

Should I use a high-efficiency washing machine to remove cat hair from clothes?

Using advanced technology is always recommended. Nowadays, smart washing machines have a pro pet filter that can remove pet hair five times faster. Also, you can get pre-washes and special programs that drain out almost all of the cat’s hair. So having a high-efficiency washing machine is very effective. However, do some quick research before purchasing one to save a few bucks.

Can I add vinegar to the washing machine to help remove cat hair from clothes?

Vinegar, especially white vinegar, works as a natural fabric softener. It has acidic properties that help loosen up cat hair stuck in clothes. Add ½ cup or 120 ml of vinegar into your washing machine. Using it during the washing machine’s rinse cycle will be best. Vinegar relaxes the fabric and frees the pet hair trapped in the threads. Although the vinegar smell usually fades when you put the clothes in the dryer after the wash, you can use smaller amounts than the recommended quality. Click to make a free of cost buying decision from Amazon

Are there any special laundry products designed to remove pet hair from clothes?

Removing pet hair can take a lot of labor. However, there are quite a few laundry products you can look for. Lint rollers, hair catchers, dry sheets, and dry balls are handy when removing cat hair from clothes before and during the wash.

What fabrics attract cat hair most?

Generally, tight woven materials such as silk, chiffon, satin, and taffeta don’t attract cat hair because that slips down these fabrics. Contrary to that, clothes made with wool, velvet, loose-weave cotton, and synthetic material significantly draw any cat or pet hair.

Final Thoughts   

You cannot stop your cat from shedding; it is their necessity. But removing them doesn’t have to be a chore, also now you know how to remove cat hair from clothes when washing.

The best strategy is to find a solution that works for you. Here we have gathered some well-proven tips and tricks to remove cat hair from clothes when washing. Try them as you like to get more time with your little furball of happiness and less time running around the laundry room. Click here to read more useful tips like this.

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