Make Your Home Welcoming for Thanksgiving: 5 Easy Decor Tips!

Make Your Home Welcoming for Thanksgiving: 5 Easy Decor Tips!

Use seasonal fruits, festive decor like lanterns, candles, and wreaths, and incorporate season-themed treats into your decor to make your home welcoming for Thanksgiving. Whether with a specialized, personalized DIY project or with a spattering of smaller decorative pieces, you can capture the essence of Thanksgiving in your home. Here, we’ll discuss five great ideas to that end. Just hold …

Use seasonal fruits, festive decor like lanterns, candles, and wreaths, and incorporate season-themed treats into your decor to make your home welcoming for Thanksgiving.

Whether with a specialized, personalized DIY project or with a spattering of smaller decorative pieces, you can capture the essence of Thanksgiving in your home. Here, we’ll discuss five great ideas to that end. Just hold a basic end image of your decor and mix and match as your sense of creativity moves you.

Decorating The Front Door

For a guest, your home starts at your porch or front door. Begin your festive decoration there with a mix of lanterns, pumpkins, wreaths, and candles.


Use festive lanterns of different shapes and designs to stoke the warm ambience of indoor decor. Place a couple of big ones on either side of the door. As for smaller ones, you can use these to line the pathway leading to the door. Decorative lanterns are easily found in handicraft stores.


Any Thanksgiving decor, indoor or out, is incomplete without pumpkins. Carve a few shapes that go with Thanksgiving on a couple of larger pumpkins and place them on either side on the door. Perhaps for the lanterns to sit atop. Gather a collection of smaller ones of different colors like traditional orange, white, or artificially painted to be placed in small stacks. Incorporate hay bales or corn stalks if you fancy.


You can either buy a tasteful and traditional wreath or make one yourself to decorate your front door. To make one, acquire a wire frame, collect colorful festive elements like branches with colorful leaves, dry flowers, and bright and vibrant berries, and tie them on the frame with twine. Secure each knot with glue. Lastly, hang your wreath using a festive ribbon or a rustic burlap bow.


Candles are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of ‘warm ambience’. Collect candles of different shades of color like orange and red. It’s better if you opt for candles scented with the fragrance of cinnamon or apple pie. Place them in small clusters along with the pumpkins and lanterns. If it feels unsafe, go for flameless ones.

Infuse Fall Colors Into Your Home

The colors that are associated with autumn naturally give off a warm feeling. Use Thanksgiving-themed decorations that highlight this feeling and infuse your indoors with the colors of fall.

Fruits and treats of the season

Including natural fruits in your decoration is a great way to add a touch of warmth and create a festive atmosphere for Thanksgiving. Here are some ideas:

  • Stuff a cornucopia with apples, berries, grapes, and pears. Frame the arrangement of fruits with come dried leaves and branches to give a rustic touch.
  • Put colorful mini pumpkins and gourds in a wooden/decorative bowl and place it with the centerpiece or on the mantel.
  • Decorate the front door with a wreath made of colorful dried fall foliage.
  • Decorate kitchen counters and side table with small baskets of seasonal fruits like oranges, pomegranates, and persimmons.
  • Fill a glass vases with cranberries and cinnamon sticks to take advantage of both taste and aroma.
  • Place turkey-shaped candies or chocolate treats in decorative bowls throughout your home.

The colors of Fall indoors

Bright the vibrancy of fall indoors by infusing a new and festive color scheme. You could:

  • Get new throw pillows and cushion covers in warm autumn hues such as golden yellow and deep orange.
  • Drape sofa backs and armchairs with blankets in a fall-inspired pattern or color scheme.
  • Match curtains and/or drapes with rich, earthy colors like burgundy or dark brown.
  • Strategically hang framed prints, flattened colorful leaves, and fall-inspired artworks on different walls of your home.
  • Welcome guests with an entrance doormat of the festive hue.
  • Decorate your dining table with seasonal linens in warm hues and incorporate fall-themed dinnerware or napkin rings.
  • Evoke the essence of fall with candles scented with pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or cranberry fragrances.

It’s a simple and effective way to make your home welcoming for Thanksgiving.

Warm Glow Of Candles

Hardly anything can match the way candles create a cozy ambiance.

Candles and globes for a romantic mood

A combination of candles and globes can easily shift between romantic and warm. Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with the help of votive candles in small holders. Place them around the dining room, on the mantle, coffee table, and even in the bathroom to create a cohesive and warm ambiance throughout your home. Use globes as an extra elegant touch.

Warmth and coziness

In addition to providing a soft and warm glow, candles also add a touch of elegance to your overall decor. Arrange candles in different heights and sizes to create depth and visual interest. Use a mix of scented and unscented candles for a pleasant fragrance. Additionally, consider using candle lanterns or hurricane globes to create a cozy focal point in your living room or dining area. Their thoughtful placements create small pockets of privacy that make people feel more at home.

Personalize Your Home With A DIY Project

A host’s home needs to feel welcoming and warm for the guests. One of the best ways to achieve this is by adding a personal touch to your decor. DIY projects always work as that personal touch.

Visit a nearby Board & Brush

Board & Brush are specialty studios that offer workshops where you can create your own custom signs and decorations. From rustic wooden signs with personalized quotes and monograms to festive banners, there are plenty of options to choose from. Once done, you can be certain to showcase a one-of-a-kind piece decorating your home. And as an added benefit, you’ll also have a wonderful memory of creating it with your loved ones.

A unique Thanksgiving touch to your home

A unique touch to your Thanksgiving decoration shows that you put extra thought and care for you guests. Incorporating family photos into your decor is once such unique idea. It’s a cozy trip down the memory lane for the family and a clever invitation for friends into the family simultaneously. And it always works as a conversation starter.

You could also make your own centerpiece for the occasion. Pre-made arrangements are well and good but the combinations that you can come up with natural elements like pinecones, dry leaves and flowers, berries, branches, and acorns is practically limitless. Let your imagination fly and let the fruits it bear serve as a focal point for your Thanksgiving table.

In addition to DIY projects, consider incorporating personalized touches like replacing regular candles with fall-inspired scented ones, displaying personalized place cards on your dining table, and using rustic napkin rings with personalized decorations. A memorable event is always the most warm and welcoming one.

Set The Perfect Atmosphere With Decorative Elements

Make your home welcoming for Thanksgiving with the perfect decorative elements. Spruce up both inside and outside your home with some creative and personalized decorations.

Fancy foliage

A touch of the outside brings the freshness of nature indoors, along with the warmth and inviting ambience. Make your fancy foliage with freshly cut branches of colorful fall leaves in a beautiful vase. It could be a stunning centerpiece for the table. Don’t forget to hang wreaths of autumn leaves and dried flowers on your front door to spark the festive flair.

Colorful candles

Candles are synonymous to a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Gather candles of orange, red, and brown to stoke the warm hues of the season. Place them strategically on your dining and coffee tables, mantle, and even lavatories to infuse a soft, flickering glow. Unless some health issues are involved, consider using scented candles.

Beautiful table runners

A Thanksgiving dinner takes place around a table runner. Choose a runner in fall-inspired colors, such as deep red, golden yellow, or earthy brown, to tie in with the season. Opt for a simple, solid-colored runner or one with intricate patterns. If your preference is more on the rustic side consider using a burlap runner. Lastly, pair it with complementary linens and tableware

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FAQs For Make Your Home Welcoming For Thanksgiving

When is Thanksgiving?

November 23, 2023. The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving each year.

How Do I Make My House Cozy For Thanksgiving?

A creative combination of lanterns, pumpkins, wreaths, and candles can make your house cozy for Thanksgiving. You could also incorporate DIY projects.

How Do I Prepare My House For Thanksgiving?

Use decorative lanterns, fancy foliage, colorful candles, homemade wreaths, display seasonal fruits and candies to prepare your house for Thanksgiving. Set up a buffet-style meal.

How To Decorate Your Front Porch For Thanksgiving?

Use pumpkins of different color and sizes, lanterns, colorful candles, wreaths, and doormat of festive color to decorate your front porch.

How Do I Make More Space For Thanksgiving?

Reduce the number of serving dishes and bowls, spoons, and set up a buffet-style meal to make more space for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

How Can I Make My House Cozy For Thanksgiving?

Incorporate scented candles, fall-colored blankets, and comfortable seating into your decor to make your house cozy for Thanksgiving.


Make your home feel warm and inviting this Thanksgiving starting from the front door with its wreaths, lanterns, candles, and doormat to your dining room with the DIY centerpiece and glow of a candlelit ambience. Breath in the aroma of seasonal fruits and the fragrance of the spice-scented candles. Share with your family the memories of days gone by and the ones soon to follow.

Let your sense of creativity and imagination fly to make your home welcoming for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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