Make Your Own Fall Themed Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece: 4 Easy Steps to Follow

Make Your Own Fall Themed Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece: 4 Easy Steps to Follow

Nothing says “Fall” like the colors of fallen leaves, sweet fruits of berry bushes, and thin and shapely branches that you can find in and around your own yard. Collect a few more ingredients like dried flowers, an assortment of pumpkins and apple, couple of oversized bowls and you are almost there creating your own rustic thanksgiving centerpiece. Simple as …

Nothing says “Fall” like the colors of fallen leaves, sweet fruits of berry bushes, and thin and shapely branches that you can find in and around your own yard. Collect a few more ingredients like dried flowers, an assortment of pumpkins and apple, couple of oversized bowls and you are almost there creating your own rustic thanksgiving centerpiece.

Simple as the idea is, such a centerpiece showcases the autumn season perfectly. In addition, you can use it throughout the whole season. The overall sensation it exudes is warmth and hospitality of the household, which is perfect for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Use the ideas below to guide your own sense of creativity to perfect the center of your holiday celebration.

Make Your Own Fall Themed Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece

To create a rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece you need to focus on simplicity guided by natural aesthetics. The basic idea is to utilize simple ingredients decoratively placed on a basket or bowl that obviously showcases autumn’s festive look.

Find the hidden gems in your own yard

Your yard has more to offer than you realize. Take a leisurely walk and you will mostly likely find fallen colorful leaves, thin branches, dried flowers and wild berries, all of which you can use in a rustic centerpiece. They all complement the charm of fall.

Leaves, berries, flowers, and branches

One you have the basic ingredients you will need container to actually decorate them into. Flat oversized bowls and reclining baskets are perfect for most occasions. Make sure to put the longer/taller elements to the back of the piece to give a nice frame to the whole structure.

Add pumpkins to the mix

If the centerpiece with just the natural elements feel too bare bone you can always take it to the next level by adding a few pumpkins to your centerpiece mix. Find them in different shapes and sizes so that the whole thing does not look too uniform. Place them among the rustic frame and decoratively spread the natural elements near the base. It is an easy image of vibrancy and warmth.

Apple on top

Another perfect ingredient that showcases fall’s color and vibrancy is apples. It represent harvest and plenty. In addition, the stark contrast of red and green works as the perfect icing on the rustic thanksgiving centerpiece. Put them in a smaller wooden, or of similar material, bowl place it with the original basket and the picture is made perfect.

Remember, your rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece must focus of simplicity and aesthetic. Instead of adding complicated formula to the structure, make use of the easily obtainable natural elements that leave no room for autumns absence. As you have seen, the basic elements can be found in your own yards. As for the pumpkins and apples, you’ll most likely find them in your nearest fruits and vegetables shop.

Thanksgiving Decoration: A Rustic And Natural Table

The fallen branches with colorful leaves that you can find in your yard provides the frame for your rustic centerpiece while the berries and dry flowers make up the body. Place these in an oversized basket or bowl, decoratively add an assortment of pumpkins, add some red and green apples and you have the image of festivity at the center of your table.

Selecting the plate

Build your rustic table decoration from bottom-up, that is, start with the plate. The idea here is warmth and hospitality and nothing says it like the color of the earth. Any earthly color, whether brown or beige, automatically complements the rustic theme. As for the material, either stoneware or porcelain would do.

Give the centerpiece more levels

You can make your rustic decoration more complex by weaving multiple layers of simplicity. The multi-layered centerpiece will create visual interest and hold attention and appreciation of the beholder.

The decor starts at the bottom with preferably a sturdy wooden slab (or a similar base). The following layers from bottom-up could be pumpkins and then pinecones. Some dried flowers spread over the pinecones could provide the second base for sweet and sour berries.

You can use the sturdier branches to give the centerpiece more height. It can then be used to repeat the bottom layers of decoration or add something new to include more dimension. You can also use candlesticks instead of branches. Lastly, sprinkle some greenery to give a feel of natural freshness and warm ambiance.

Rustic laced with elegance

Small gestures of elegance go hand in hand with rustic themes and decorations. The right placement of elegance enhances the “Rustic” sense rather than taking focus away from it.

Twine ties and wooden rings for napkins are perfect examples for elegant rustic as is a burlap table runner. Other elements like acorns, cinnamon sticks on see-through glass containers/jars, and decorative pumpkins all add to the rustic Thanksgiving decoration and festive atmosphere.

Keep in mind that a rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece must represent warmth and hospitality. It represents a sense of welcome. The festive charm of Thanksgiving is captured best by a mix of simplicity, natural beauty and the complementary elegance of the celebration.

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DIY Rustic Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

Besides a cornucopia, the basic elements that you need to create a rustic Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece are pretty simple: some dry branches, colorful leaves, dry flowers and some berries in thin branches. You’ll most likely find them in your own yard.

Floral foam as the base

First, press a piece of floral foam at the bottom of the cornucopia so that it sits snugly without losing its form. This foundation needs to be sturdy since all the other elements will be placed into it. The foam will hold the branches, leaves and flowers.

Arranging the natural elements

Next, categorize the collected natural elements and prepare to place them into the foam base. In addition to the ones gathered from your surroundings, you can also get some colorful flowers from your nearest florist. All the autumnal elements will be placed into the cornucopia in such a structure so that flatter ones, like the branches with colorful leaves, are at the bottom layers while the bulbous and frills are one the top. Don’t clutter the branches of leaves, berries and flowers on the foam otherwise they won’t hold and might break off.

Completing the cornucopia centerpiece

With the natural elements arranged and placed with care within the cornucopia, you can further enhance the festive essence by incorporating a few other complementary elements. To give the cornucopia some height you can create a base with pumpkins of similar sizes and place the cornucopia on top of these. In addition, some colorful apples placed strategically would do wonders for the overall ambiance. And don’t forget the humble acorn and pinecones.

In the end, your rustic Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece will provide a glimpse into your own sense of warmth and creativity.

Creative And Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpieces

It isn’t difficult to create a rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece that stokes your fire of creativity and the warmth of the festive season at the same time. With the right vessel and the proper elements collected you’re already half-way there.

The right vessel

The rights vessel do not necessarily opt to the tradition ones. While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional vase, a festive vessel like mason jars and wooden crates play directly into the rustic charm. You can also make quick and easy use of tin cans and galvanized buckets. Not only that these are easily affordable options but also provide an opportunity to repurpose and reuse everyday items.

Filling the vessels

The two basic ingredients that easily captures the rustic sense are wheat and dried flowers. You can find these natural botanicals at your local craft store or florist. Of course, if you have a garden, you can always choose from an wider array. In addition, consider different types of grasses and wheat stems of different heights. It’s a nice way to accentuate the rustic theme and add texture to the mix.

The value of reusability

While designing and creating your own rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece, consider browsing for affordable options at resale sites. These sites often offer great, barely used items, including vessels, at highly affordable prices.

By considering pre-used items you’re not only saving on costs but also participating in the green, reuse practices. Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful for the privileges you enjoy and an opportunity to give back.

Harvest Themed Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Harvest and plenty is always associated with pumpkins and apples, in addition to vibrant and colorful flowers and autumn leaves, of course. These are the elements that we’ll use in creating the perfect harvest themed rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Pumpkins and gourds

The charm of miniature pumpkins and gourds always play right into the rustic sense of harvest. And the variety in their shapes, sizes and colors add a natural sense of autumn festivity to your centerpiece, as well as in the Thanksgiving décor.

Accentuate the rustic sense

You can always accentuate the central elements of the harvest centerpiece with a dash of kale and red oak lettuce sprigs. Just slightly drape the sprigs over and between the pumpkins and gourds and you can create a “in the field” sensation. The sprinkled greenery makes the whole piece more fresh and natural.

The combination of shapes, sizes and colors that you can conjure with the pumpkins, gourds, kale, and sprigs of red oak lettuce play vibrantly to accentuate the harvest theme of a rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece décor.

FAQs For Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece

When is Thanksgiving in 2023

the fourth Thursday in November is the Thanksgiving every year which is Thursday, November 23 for 2023

How To Make A Centerpiece For Thanksgiving Table?

You can always create a basic centerpiece with a creative arrangement of natural options available to you. Branches with colorful autumn leaves, berries, dried flower and some others can be found in your own yard. Pumpkins and apples are always good ideas.

What Do You Put In The Middle Of The Table For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving decoration is always centered around a centerpiece. A rustic centerpiece made of leaves, branches, berries and flowers can be complemented by a wooded bowl of red and green apples as well as an assortment of pumpkins.

What Is The Traditional Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

Traditionally, a collection of different sized pumpkins and gourds decorated with autumnal flowers and leaves make a thanksgiving centerpiece. Based on the theme, the vessel can be cornucopia or a vase.

How To Design A Table For Thanksgiving?

Focus on the theme. Burlap table runner, wooden napkin ring and napkin tied with twine all complement the rustic Thanksgiving decoration. Acorns and cinnamon sticks are also complementary.

What Are Some Simple Materials I Can Use For A Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

Branches with colorful leaves and berries, dry and fresh flowers, pinecones, acorn, pumpkins and gourds are perfect elements for a rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece.


The rustic is a classic and proven theme that exhibits the host’s warmth and hospitality. The natural elements interwoven with creativity creates a sense of friendly invitation that generally say welcome to friends and family. But its hidden beauty lies in its simplicity. With a touch of creative flare you can turn some simple ingredients from your own yard into a rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece of eye-catching piece of central attention.

The centerpiece is a celebratory focus of an occasion and a season much loved. And just as the imagination is limitless, so are the creative possibilities with natural and simple elements.

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