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Can You Put A Peloton On Carpet – 5 Important Things to Consider

Ever since the last lockdown, a lot of us have been obsessed with home workouts. It’s efficient, effective and above all cheap! I’m not saying gyms are overrated but whatever keeps us motivated to work out is the best solution for us. Speaking of which, pelotons gained a lot of popularity in that wave, and even without the hype, they …

Ever since the last lockdown, a lot of us have been obsessed with home workouts. It’s efficient, effective and above all cheap! I’m not saying gyms are overrated but whatever keeps us motivated to work out is the best solution for us. Speaking of which, pelotons gained a lot of popularity in that wave, and even without the hype, they are excellent workout equipment. However, to keep the peloton at home, you have to think about some unexpected issues, such as whether can you put a peloton on carpet. Would it damage your carpet? 

The short and simple answer is YES! Absolutely you can keep a peloton on carpet, but you have to keep in mind that any heavy objects on the carpet can potentially ruin it. However, you can follow some simple and easy hacks to keep that from happening. In this blog article, we are going to talk about how you can safely put a peloton on carpet and keep it intact at the same time. 

Let’s Take a Look at The Peloton Bike First 

When I first got introduced to an exercise bike on carpet, AKA the peloton, I found the concept amusing. For someone as introverted as me, it was a gift straight from the heavens, but my entire house is carpeted, which, I’m not going to lie, made me a bit nervous. However, it was not as intimidating when I got to understand it a little better. 

Any peloton bike, on average, weighs about 135 to 145 pounds. It has four feet, commonly called ‘levers’ on which the bike balances itself. By adjusting the levers, you just adjust the height and level of the peloton. Workout equipment on carpet is not usually what we go for when imagining a home exercise setup, but trust me; it is not a bad idea by any means. 

Will the Peloton be Stable While in Use? 

Now, let’s talk about the main concern of our topic at hand. In order to put a peloton on the carpet and use it, you have to make sure that all four levers are leveled. Peloton bike stability on carpet has to be ensured; otherwise, it might wobble while in use, and that can lead to serious consequences. 

If your carpet is too thick or too plush in that case, you might want to think twice about peloton bike stability on carpet. You will definitely need external help from anti-slip pads or solutions as such (I’m going to talk about these solutions in a while). Otherwise, if your carpet is not too thick, directly placing the peloton on it will not be much of a problem. 

How To Stabilize Peloton on Carpet? 

I am assuming if you came this far, you already know either your carpet isn’t the best fit for such a case or you have already suffered enough and are now actively looking for a solution. Don’t worry, friend, I got you. Your peloton is sure to save you a trip to the gym, a lot of money, and a healthy body, so don’t give up on it yet. 

You already know that you can put a peloton on carpet, but as we have already discussed, it might not be the safest choice in some cases. So, for those who are struggling with this, there are many fixes for the issue available. Let’s talk about them all. 

Using a Wooden Plank 

Yup, that’s exactly what you need! A piece of wood underneath the peloton to fix the wobbling issue. Even an MDF board or a piece of plywood will work just as fine; just make sure it’s level and stable. It will not only fix the wobbling issue but also save the carpet from scratches in the long run. The only con of this option is that it might flatten the carpet underneath. But that issue is fixable. 

Choose whichever material of your choice from the alternatives mentioned above, but go for the thickness of ½ inch for the board. With this thickness, your board will stay put during and after the workout. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? 

Using An Anti-slip Pad 

An anti-slip pad with great traction will help your peloton stay put and give you a comfortable workout experience. You will fall in love if you get the right one, as anti-slip pads for peloton bike is one of the best choices you can make. Speaking from experience, I use my peloton on an anti-slip pad, and so far, not been a single accident. That’s a miracle because I am the clumsiest person ever, according to my friends and family! 

Using a Rubber Yoga Matt 

That is not a revolutionary solution, but hey, it works! Select a yoga mat wide enough to fit the peloton. Nevertheless, do not choose a yoga mat that is too thick, or you will circle back to the problem you began with. A rubber yoga mat will give you plenty of stability. Make sure you test out your options with a friend or your partner beforehand to avoid any unexpected accidents. 

Is Putting Peloton on Carpet Safe for Workout? 

With any workout equipment, you have to be super careful; that’s the protocol. No matter if it’s in the gym or if it’s in the comfort of your own home. So, being careful while working out is the key to avoiding accidents. Thousands of people out there, including yours, truly are getting benefited from using the peloton bike every day, so it’s not a hazard for sure, but I highly encourage you to take all the measures to make it as safe as possible. 

In the case of indoor cycling on carpet, meaning using the peloton, I urge you to use reinforcements. Such as plywood underneath or an anti-slipping pad or whichever option you like, go for it. Yes, you can just use the bike as is, but taking that one extra step will make sure it’s extra safe for you. 

In short, yes, using the peloton on carpet is one hundred percent safe, but using a peloton bike mat for extra safety will save you a lot of unnecessary headaches. 

Will Putting a Peloton Bike on Carpet Ruin It? 

Imagine you never moved your bed from that place where it had been for years. What do you imagine happened to the carpet underneath? Exactly. Sure, with time, there will be some wear and tear, especially if you don’t move it for a long time. But for the most part, it’s fixable. 

Using carpet-friendly exercise equipment can save you the hassle. Is the peloton bike one of those? Sure, you just have to know how to work it out between them. Move the bike from time to time here and there and fluff out the carpet in the process. That should do it. If you have a gym at home, then my dude, move the bike there. Home gym flooring is the best surface to place a peloton bike on. 

Pros and Cons of Putting a Peloton Bike on Carpet 

So here are the pros and cons of putting a peloton bike on carpet at a glance- 


  • If you are using the peloton on the second floor, the carpet will prevent loud noises from coming downstairs. 
  • It’s comfortable and a safe landing pad if you ever fall. 
  • The carpet will protect your wooden floors from additional damage. 
  • It provides a good grip for the peloton to stay in place. 


  • Might damage your carpet, but a carpet protector for fitness equipment will fix the problem. 
  • Might make the bike unstable in some cases, for which there are plenty of solutions available.

FAQs about to Put A Peloton On Carpet

How can I stabilize my Peloton bike on carpet?

There are many solutions available for the issue, such as using a wooden/plywood/MDF plank underneath the peloton, using an anti-slip pad, using a yoga mat, etc. Choose the one that is the best for your circumstances. 

Are there any special considerations I need to make when placing my peloton on carpet?

Not really. Just make sure your equipment is safe, and your peloton is stable while in use.

Can I use a Peloton bike mat on top of carpet?

Yes. You can put a peloton bike mat on top of the carpet. However, before using it, make sure the bike is secure in place and is level with the ground. Ensuring safety is the number one priority. Also, using carpet underlayment for exercise bikes is good practice for beginners.

Will a thick carpet affect the performance of my Peloton bike?

It is most likely to happen. A plush or thick carpet might make it difficult for your peloton to lay flat on the ground and be properly leveled. Take proper measures in this case.

Are there any alternatives to placing my Peloton bike on carpet?

If you have a home gym, place the bike there. Or using many alternatives mentioned above can be your solution. Scroll up to know about them.

Which room would be ideal for placing your peloton?

The gym room, of course, if you have it. Otherwise, a room with a minimum of 8 inches of height clearance is good for bike placement. Now it can be your bedroom or the living room, depending on which one you are comorbid with. 

Final Verdict 

So, our discussion on the topic ‘can you put a peloton on carpet’ has come to an end. Before we wrap this up, I would like to stress the safety factors of using any workout gear at home one more time. Usually, gyms come with an instructor who can guide you through the process, but at home, all you have is you. Please make sure you are taking all the safety precautions before using the peloton on a carpeted floor. Also read if you can Keep A Washing Machine In The Bathroom. Happy Home!

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