Can I Keep A Washing Machine In The Bathroom

Can I Keep A Washing Machine In The Bathroom? – 6 Important Facts to Consider

It’s always a better idea to have a designated place to do laundry. Usually, if you have the space, then it can be a separate laundry room; however, in many cultures across the world, people have their laundry machines in their bathrooms. It’s a no-brainer that in the bathroom, you will have easier access to water and drainage. Also, storing …

It’s always a better idea to have a designated place to do laundry. Usually, if you have the space, then it can be a separate laundry room; however, in many cultures across the world, people have their laundry machines in their bathrooms. It’s a no-brainer that in the bathroom, you will have easier access to water and drainage. Also, storing laundry supplies in the bathroom makes total sense. So, if you are wondering, can I keep a washing machine in the bathroom? You totally can! 

Now that the confusion has been addressed, there still remain some more questions. Your bathroom will require an electrical outlet, also the much-needed space and ventilation with a washing machine in there. Even if the answer is yes, that you can put a washing machine in the bathroom, still you have to consider a few obvious things before doing so. 

Let’s discuss the things that you need to consider before you decide to put the washing machine in the bathroom. 

Things To Consider Before Installing The Washing Machine In The Bathroom 

Here are some topics to go through- 

Electrical Outlets

For your washing machine to function effectively, you need an electrical outlet. Ensure that the washing machine has its own dedicated electrical outlet in the bathroom. It’s not uncommon for homes to have an electrical outlet in the bathroom, but there has to be a designated outlet because plugging and unplugging each time you need to use any other gadgets isn’t the most useful thing to do with your time. Also, you might need to hire an electrician to install an outlet if there isn’t one already there. Make sure the outlet is not in the vicinity of the actual shower area for safety reasons. 

Is There Enough Space?

A huge bathroom can easily store more than just a washing machine, but in most cases, we don’t have a huge bathroom. At best, a moderate one is the one that we are blessed with. A bathroom laundry setup can only exist if you have the minimum space required for the job. Otherwise, the functionality of a bathroom and a laundry room will be questionable. 

There are many space-saving laundry solutions available. For example, stacking the washer and dryer using a customized cabinet situation. Or, you can go for a washing machine that does both the jobs requiring less space. There are other unique solutions, like installing the washing machine over the toilet shelf or a wall-mounted one. Whichever makes functional sense for you, go with that one. 

Plumbing Requirements for Bathroom Washing Machine

This is one of the main concerns while installing a washing machine in the bathroom. You have to carefully think about water supply and drainage in this case. There will definitely be a water supply in the bathroom for obvious reasons, but the issue is drainage. You have to have a designated place for water drainage that doesn’t keep the floors wet and preferably out of sight for aesthetic reasons. 

The water supply can come from different sources, which also has to be a designated one. If you already do not have the necessary accesses to water supply and drainage, talk to your plumber and opt for a solution most suitable for your case.

Ventilation and Noise 

Using the washing machine, especially on a hot cycle, will steam up the place that it is in, this case, the bathroom. Bathrooms usually don’t have a huge ventilation system due to privacy reasons, but with a washing machine inside, proper ventilation for bathroom washing machine setup is required. 

Does that mean you have to knock down a wall and make a big window to accommodate for the new setup? Absolutely not! Proper ventilation can be done with the help of an exhaust fan. Also, keeping the bathroom door open while doing laundry will help in the process. 

What about noise? Most washing machines tend to be noisy to some extent. However, I urge you to go for one that makes the least noise for the sake of your own sanity. But noise reduction for bathroom washing machine with an old unit is tricky! So, keeping the door shut is the solution here, but proper ventilation is more important. I will leave this decision up to your best judgment. 

Bathroom Washing Machine Design Ideas 

To start with the design ideas, take in consideration your bathroom setup. Listen, our goal here is to build a functional bathroom with a washing machine inside that does not compromise with the aesthetics. We are asking for a lot here, but hey, this isn’t an impossible job by any means. 

First of all, laundry machines in a small bathroom can make the place crowded. But I encourage you to be creative. Maybe find an empty wall and install it above the ground, keeping the space less cluttered. Or, think about a different washing machine placement in the bathroom that can be hidden but in plain sight. There are many examples and inspirations out there for the look we are trying to achieve here. 


Above everything discussed so far, the most important thing is safety. Make sure the entire setup is as safe as possible, especially if children have access to that very bathroom. The electrical lines should never come in contact with water. Also, waterproofing bathroom for washing machine is a great idea so that the place remains functional for both purposes.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Washing Machine in Bathroom 

Here are some pros and cons of washing machine in the bathroom


  • It’s definitely a space-saving feature to add to any home, as it does not require a separate laundry room. A small apartment or a caravan house will greatly benefit from it. 
  • Plumbing is ten times easier in this case as water supply and drainage are already present. 
  • It provides massive convenience because a lot can be done at one go with this arrangement. You can quickly hop in the shower while your laundry is also being supervised. 
  • This arrangement saves a lot of time and effort. 
  • There are several alterations you may make to the way a washing machine is installed, depending on the size and design of your bathroom.


  • Bathrooms are inherently wet spaces, which may generate concerns with mould and mildew. These problems may be made worse by the additional moisture from a washing machine, and high humidity may also make it challenging for your garments to dry completely.
  • Most washing machines are noisy, so if it’s located near your bedroom, you are likely to get annoyed, especially while running a spin cycle. 
  • Your bathroom can feel cramped if it’s on the smaller spectrum.

FAQs on Can I Keep A Washing Machine In The Bathroom

Is it safe to keep a washing machine in the bathroom?

It totally is safe to keep a washing machine in the bathroom as long as you make sure all the safety hazards are out of the scenario. For example, do not let water into the vicinity of an electrical outlet, keep the area as dry as possible, etc.

What are the pros and cons of keeping a washing machine in the bathroom?

Many pros and cons are present, but the pros outweigh the cons in most scenarios. For instance, you save space; you have easy access to water supply and drainage; on the flip side, you might end up with a cramped bathroom.

Will a washing machine damage the bathroom floor or walls?

It’s very unlikely that will happen if the installation job is done correctly. Pre-existing plumbing issues will pose a severe problem in this case.

How can I prevent water damage from a washing machine in the bathroom?

Just make sure the installation is done properly, and the water drainage system works as it should.

What kind of plumbing is needed to install a washing machine in the bathroom?

You might need to install washing machine valves. Also, a designated water supply system. If not done properly, it can cost you an arm and a leg in the long run because it has the potential to ruin the walls for good with water damage. So, I highly encourage you to hire a professional to figure this one out rather than taking the DIY route.

What should I consider before deciding to keep a washing machine in the bathroom?

Consider things like space, design, plumbing solutions, aesthetics, etc. Talk to an expert who can give you a customized solution in this case.

Final Verdict 

I hope your query of ‘can I keep a washing machine in the bathroom’ has been answered in this article properly. I would like to stress the fact that you do not make a rash decision regarding this manner. Talk to an expert in the field and analyze the pros and cons before sealing the deal. Happy Home!

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