7 Best Coffee Table for Reclining Sofa 

7 Best Coffee Table for Reclining Sofa

Picture this: you sink into the plush comfort of your reclining sofa, ready to unwind after a long day. But something is missing, a coffee table that not only complements your reclining sofa but also adds a touch of functionality and charm to your space. That’s where we come in! We’ve scoured the vast world to handpick the crème de

How To Attach Legs To A Table Without An Apron (5 Easy Steps)

Attach Legs To A Table Without An Apron

Modern-day items of furniture are wild! The more I explore, the more all the alternatives and designs fascinate me. Nowadays, putting a piece of furniture together is as easy as a cherry pie, but keeping its integrity has been compromised in some cases. But to attach legs to a table without an apron isn’t one of those examples. Today I

Can You Use a Sofa At a Dining Table? 5 Powerful ways

Use a Sofa At a Dining Table

When it comes to seemingly ‘crazy’ ideas like setting up a sofa at a dining table, I tend to adore those, as do many other interior designers. As they say, the sky is your limit when it comes to imagination. Similarly, apart from some slight functionality barriers in interior decor, I say let your creativity run wild. In that context,

How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk – 6 Easy Techniques

How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk

Welcome to the beginning of a new era where working from home is the new normal, and for that reason, our home office has become an integral part of our lives. For the sake of your sanity and to up your productivity game a notch, I highly recommend you have an organized workspace. Except you have a glass desk, and

How to Place a Coffee Table with Reclining Sofa? 5 Easy Steps

Coffee Table with Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofas seem like that 90s dream which today’s architects define as a design element of a ‘retro modern’ styled living space. A chic addition to your living room furniture spread that serves the looks as well as purpose. Not only in the living room, some of us even would love to have one in our reading nook too! Getting

How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table – 7 Easy Ways

How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table

Amidst all the chaos and noise of life, that little corner backyard is my peaceful hideaway. To sip a hot cup of coffee and read a book in the afternoon golden hour with distant music playing in the background sounds heavenly. While plenty of activities exist in the ‘great outdoors,’ how it looks is also a crucial part of the