How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk

How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk – 6 Easy Techniques

Welcome to the beginning of a new era where working from home is the new normal, and for that reason, our home office has become an integral part of our lives. For the sake of your sanity and to up your productivity game a notch, I highly recommend you have an organized workspace. Except you have a glass desk, and …

Welcome to the beginning of a new era where working from home is the new normal, and for that reason, our home office has become an integral part of our lives. For the sake of your sanity and to up your productivity game a notch, I highly recommend you have an organized workspace. Except you have a glass desk, and all the wires are hanging out in the open, looking messy like anything else! So you might be wondering how to hide computer wires on glass desk.

Fret not! Even with a glass desk, there are a plethora of ways to hide all the messy wires and give your workstation a much-needed makeover. Trust me; after I reorganized my own working space, I felt a jolt of new found energy. And hey, you already are here, that means you and I have work to do.

 So, without further ado, let’s get those wires sorted, guided by Rig My Home.

Some Factors to Consider – Before We Get Started

So, the organizing method you choose to go for may depend on some of the following factors-

Desk Size and Design: The bigger the desk, the more space you need to cover. With a small desk, that might not be the case. So, before you choose any method to conceal your computer/ gadget wires, take a closer look and inspect the horizon. What will work for you?

Where are the Outlets: I see a lot of people making this common mistake. After they decide the best way to go about it and hide all the wires perfectly, it does not even reach the outlet! A pretty desk without power is pretty useless if you really think about it.

How Many to Hide: If you have a lot of cables to hide, you may have to choose a different path than those who possess a lot of wireless gadgets too. This is also something to keep in mind.

Where is the Desk: Different positions of the desk will require different management. If it’s in a place where the entire desk is visible from all the angles, you will have to go for a clean look. And if it’s up against the wall, you will have more options.

P.S. – Safety should be your number one priority. No matter the pursuit you choose to organize, do it in a manner that will not leave you open to fire hazards.

Methods To Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk

 Now here are some creative and fun methods to hide computer wires on a glass desk. Take a look –

Cable Management Sleeves 

These are just like your regular sleeves but for your cables. Hide all the wires in a cable management sleeve to give your desk a clean appearance. Most of the sleeves come with a zipper method that you can tie and untie at will. However, some other types of sleeves are available, like spiral ones. Both are fantastic at their job; pick any one of your likings.

Simply pinch all your cables together and wrap the sleeve around them. Zip it up, and you’re done! For the spiral one, there should be an insertion tool that will come with the package. With the help of the insertion tool, you can again pinch all the cables and fit them inside the spiral sleeve.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Different styles to choose from


  • Zippers might come undone if used a cheaper quality sleeve

Cable Ties and Clips

Olden but golden! Zip ties have been our best friends since forever. You can use zip ties to tie up the unruly cables, or there are specific cable ties you can purchase for a sharper appearance. They work in a similar manner. Try to blend the colors with the trim/ edge of your table. This way, even underneath a glass top, the cables will remain undetectable.

 There are several types of cord concealer ties that are made of different materials. For example, there are plastic, nylon and metal ties, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. For a sturdier solution, go for metal, but for a quick fix, plastic ties are the best. But they are non-reusable.

Also, there are cable clips available to hold all of them in one place. Tuck it behind your computer screen and run behind the neck of the screen for a camouflaged look.


  • Colored cable ties can be easily differentiated 
  • Secures the cables in place for long periods of time
  • Metal ties are rust and weatherproof
  • Clips are easy to figure out


  • Plastic ties can be considered not a classy look

Cable Trays and Raceways

Cable trays are insanely popular nowadays for cable management. Those are literally trays that will hold all your cables in a place. But the tricky part for your glass desk will be hiding the tray itself. In this case, you can place the table trays on the floor and use the legs of your desk as a path for them to rest on to the tray.

Raceways are more of a long-term solution. There are mainly two types of raceways that are popularly used. One is wall raceways, and the other is floor ones. As the name suggests, the wall raceways go through the wall, and for the floor ones, you might need false flooring. The floor raceways will have to go beneath the flooring for a more seamless appearance.

Wall raceways are typically seen in many households even without having a glass table top. Because it’s easy and cost-effective. Basically, a plastic case-enclosed trim is used to hide all your cables. All the lines are clean and proportionate, so it looks soothing to the eyes.

Personally, I would not like to remodel my house to hide the cables, but floor raceways are an open option for whoever is looking for it. New homeowners can take advantage of such a system to entirely free them of the hassle!


  • Sophisticated outlook
  • Probably one of the best ways to hide the cables
  • Gives a seamless appearance


  • Can be a bit costly

Cable Basket or Box

You may find yourself in a situation where nothing is really working out with your glass table decor. None of your attempts to hide the cable might not be looking great. In this specific case, introduce the cable basket, where all the clutter can be hidden away in a nice-looking basket that matches your aesthetics.

Woven baskets are a popular choice, but feel free to choose whichever one that suits you the best. You can either display the basket as a decor element or hide it under the table. 


  • Very easy to install
  • A chic boho look can be added with a woven basket
  • Trendy on all platforms
  • Can be the most camouflaged look


  • Not the most organized method to go for

Match the Color Theme

For the cables to have the perfect disguise, try to blend them in with the table. It can be with a similar colored basket or a cable sleeve, or anything else. The cables themselves can match the color theme of your workplace and be completely (almost) undetectable. Wire covers of similar color will do the trick too.

You can also use a similar color raceway underneath the table trim and run the wires through that cable tray for a clean and organized look.


  • Simple and easy
  • Can be decorated in tons of different ways
  • Creative liberty


  • Materials can be hard to get by

Decorate and Have Fun  

Lastly, the most fun option, in my opinion, is to embrace the chaos and have fun with it. You will find tons of inspiration on Pinterest to decorate the cables in a manner that looks like a cool pattern circuit box. The artists of the platform even incorporate RGB lighting to bring in a splash of color. Rather than hiding the cables, you display them as art and voila! You have the cables sorted and the room decorated.


  • With this, you will have the coolest workstation
  • Adding RGB will alleviate the look
  • Creative freedom
  • Rugged yet sleek transformation
  • Trendy and functional


  • Requires a lot of effort

FAQs on How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk

Here are some of the common confusions answered revolving around our topic of discussion.

Can you hide computer wires under a glass desk?

Of course, you can! In fact, there are several different clever ways to hide computer wires under a glass desk which include but is not limited to cable trays, raceways, cable clips, cable sleeves, cable baskets etc.

Are there any cable management solutions for a glass desk?

Specific cable management solutions for a glass desk are not hard to come by. It might seem challenging, but it’s totally possible to do it yourself. But if you are struggling to get the job done, you can always seek help from the experts. Call your local electrician to suggest the best method tailored to your specific desk and cable management needs.
All the DIY methods have already been discussed above.

Can you use tape to hide computer wires on a glass desk?

Tricky job, but isn’t impossible. You have to be very handy and careful in doing so. But the probability of this turning out to be disastrous is pretty high. My suggestion is to not tape the cables to hide them but rather use any of the above-mentioned methods.

Final Words

In conclusion, to hide computer wires on a glass desk, you may have to adapt multiple ways for the best results. The goal is to have a cleaner workstation for the utmost productivity possible. Hope this article helped you choose your desired method.

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