How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table

How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table – 7 Easy Ways

Amidst all the chaos and noise of life, that little corner backyard is my peaceful hideaway. To sip a hot cup of coffee and read a book in the afternoon golden hour with distant music playing in the background sounds heavenly. While plenty of activities exist in the ‘great outdoors,’ how it looks is also a crucial part of the …

Amidst all the chaos and noise of life, that little corner backyard is my peaceful hideaway. To sip a hot cup of coffee and read a book in the afternoon golden hour with distant music playing in the background sounds heavenly. While plenty of activities exist in the ‘great outdoors,’ how it looks is also a crucial part of the play. On that train of thoughts, you may be wondering how to style an outdoor coffee table, and my friend, we are here to help you with that.

How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table

Remember, it’s an important part of decorating your house to appear warm and inviting to guests. Hey, even if you are not a people person, keeping it cozy and nice is still important. For whom, you may ask? For you, of course, because? Self-love!

Without further ado, welcome aboard on today’s episode of styling the outdoor coffee table in the most unique and chic manner to leave them wondering. Let’s get started.

Choose A Style Theme for Outdoor Coffee Table

Choosing a theme is where we will begin. Start by asking yourself this- What is your aesthetic? Do you like a monochromatic look, or do you find yourself often drifting toward colors? A modern look is what you prefer, or is a farmhouse vibe more up your alley? After you choose a theme, you can be certain of what are the elements you can add.

 Styling any outdoor furniture depends a lot on the theme you want to go for. Also, keep in mind that your favorite theme should be aligning with your space. A smaller space will not accommodate a huge sofa and a marbled coffee table. Everything has to look proportionate to look presentable.

How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table

 To help you set up, here are some of the themes you can look up-

  • Coastal
  • Bohemian (a personal favorite)
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • A combination of coastal and boho (popular)
  • Eccentric
  • Mid-century modern

 Or, you can go for something completely out of the box. Something unique to your taste which is also a fantastic idea.

 Listen, styling the coffee table requires you to think of the table itself and the items surrounding it, which in most cases would be sitting arrangements, maybe a footrest, etc. In this case, choosing a theme accordingly will allow you to picture what you want to go with it. Capish?

Layer your objects

Now on to actually adding pieces to the coffee table. Layering gives off a thought-after vibe in any case. That is why all the famous designers love layering when it comes to home decor.

Layer a colorful book or a vase with a neatly folded napkin under the tray. Try to use complementary colors; for example, with a wooden coffee table, a white vase full of sunflowers would brighten up the entire place. Use muted colors to cover the majority of the space; it’s always better to go for toned-down colors than the loud ones.

However, I suggest you don’t clutter the space with too many objects. It will be very distracting, and the outlook might not turn out the way you want it to be.

Shapes and Levels

For a round coffee table, do not circle all the pieces on top; rather, decorate them, imagining a triangle. When working with certain shapes, we have to try and break up the monotone by using different shapes and objects of different heights. That way, your decoration will never look boring.

Similarly, for a square or oval-shaped coffee table, experiment with different shapes and sizes of things you can put on top of the table. Aside from your coffee mug, of course.

Beige and Boho (A classic approach)

Want something that works every time? Go with a boho theme and stick with shades of beige and white. These mighty colors had hardly failed anyone.

Washed wood-colored furniture with woven decor and lots of greenery is what I am picturing in this case. Elevate your coffee table look by adding a woven tray. Metal furniture and clay pots also are incorporated with this theme, and they look absolutely beautiful. Also, terracotta decors are also on the list of approved things for this theme.

Consider adding a placemat of complementary color and texture underneath the coffee table. In that case, the matt has to be waterproof and stainproof for functionality purposes.

Consider Adding Greenery 

Humans are designed to love nature. So to surround ourselves with nature will always bring our hearts peace. This can be a part of seasonal decor elaboration too. In different seasons add different green elements that represent the very mood.

In fact, while choosing centerpieces for the coffee table, go for a vase full of greenery with or without flowers. Two things will happen if you do that, one- nothing will stand out like a sore thumb, and two   – it will add a bougie look without you even trying.

Don’t only think about what’s on or underneath the table but also what surrounds the space. Surround your space with green and trust me, you won’t regret it. I still haven’t!

For your ease of research, here is a list of plants that thrives outdoors with little maintenance-

  • Hibiscus
  • Foxtail fern
  • Golden bamboo
  • creeping jenny
  • Boxwood
  • Gardenia 

Material and functionality

All aesthetics tips aside, since it’s an outdoor setting to, not think about functionality and material choice is crazy talk. Do not dare to use any metal that is prone to rusting, and do not even try to add carpets. What will you do if it rains suddenly or a storm breaks out? Exactly.

Adding non-waterproof elements surrounding the coffee table is just simply a waste of time. ‘Oh, I will bring them back when I’m done’ we all know that never goes according to plan. Glass tops and galvanized furniture are best and worth considering in this very case.

Also, I know I just suggested adding books on top as a layer element, but real books should not be kept outdoors for obvious reasons. Decorative books are available online to serve that purpose if that’s your thing, of course.

Decor pieces too large that take away a lot of space to the point you can’t rest your coffee mug on the coffee table is a no-no. Similarly, an object too high, like a huge plant, is also a solid no. How are you supposed to talk to the person sitting in front of you? Or look at the scenery up front?

The key here is to go for pieces you can use, won’t damage with humidity or water, won’t be stained too quickly, are easy to clean and keep clean, and looks good, obviously.

Lighting Adds on a Lot

For outdoor entertaining in the evening hours, golden lighting just takes the cake for being aesthetically pleasing. Now how is that related to styling an outdoor coffee table? It does because you have to think of situations in which you will be using the table. What makes those moments amazing? Small yet important things like good soft lighting surrounding the space matter.

To wrap up this discussion, at the end of the day, whatever piece of decor brings you the most joy should be what you go for. However, it’s always a good practice to look for inspiration when we feel lost. Patio decor is not that complicated; it doesn’t have to be. Just follow the simple instructions prescribed above, and you will be good to go.

I hope you are clear on how to style an outdoor coffee table now. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

FAQs on How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table

How can I make my coffee table look expensive?

Stick to neutral colors and add greenery, Do not clutter the top of the table with too many objects. Play with heights and texture and keep it subtle, and voila! You look bougie now.

What should be the size of my outdoor coffee table?

That depends on your patio space. If it’s a big space, then something proportionate to that, but huge coffee tables, don’t look tasteful. I suggest you stick to something generic that works with your other pieces of furniture.

Final Words

We have stretched out a list of simple and straightforward pro tips on How to Style an Outdoor Coffee Table. Check out this article for in-depth yet easy-to-follow decor ideas that you can integrate today! Also read more tips like this from our Blog section. Happy home!

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