Is a noisy fridge dangerous? (4 Alarming Causes EXPLAINED!)

Is a noisy fridge dangerous? (4 Alarming Causes EXPLAINED!)

All the fridges make noise, it’s a common practice. A whole system is working at the back of the fridge that causes buzzing or humming noise: a running compressor, a fan moving out air, and a motor. However, older models make loud noises, whereas newer models are almost noiseless.  Meanwhile, here is the burning question “Is a noisy fridge dangerous?”. …

All the fridges make noise, it’s a common practice. A whole system is working at the back of the fridge that causes buzzing or humming noise: a running compressor, a fan moving out air, and a motor. However, older models make loud noises, whereas newer models are almost noiseless. 

Meanwhile, here is the burning question “Is a noisy fridge dangerous?”.

Continuous disturbing noises are an indication of malfunction of the fan, motor, or compressor. Sometimes these noises get louder but after a while, they die down. You have to keep an eye on electrical appliances because they develop faults in no time. 

Likewise, if these noises persist then you must identify the cause behind it. In this article, we will address loud fridge concerns and standard refrigerator decibel levels to avoid any hazards shortly. 

Read on to learn more details about it. 

What kind of noises are heard from the refrigerator?

Fridge noise and health are interrelated. The standard noise coming from the fridge should be up to 32 to 47 dB. Likewise, noises under 40 dB are considered quiet. But if the noises go above the standard level that’s when you should start worrying. You must first know what components make noises if you want to analyze if it is dangerous or not.

The common noise from the compressor is a buzzing sound, whereas a whistling sound is heard when the fan blades circulate air. These noises are usually low and don’t sound annoying. But if your fridge is so loud that you can even hear it in the adjacent room then it indicates a dangerous problem. 

What causes a noisy refrigerator?

Refrigerator noise safety is a concerning issue when the fridge is in a shared workplace or when you have guests. Sometimes even at home, these noises can become so distracting that you are unable to sit and watch television in peace. 4 main causes can result in a noisy refrigerator as listed below. 

Damaged Fan blade

You can see if the fan blade is working by listening to the noise from the fridge. If the sound coming from the vent will be unusual then that is your time to examine the fan blade. Examine properly if it’s the damaged fan blade or motor that is causing the blazing sound. 

You will also see an increase in the energy bill because the fan will take more energy to run. A whistling sound will be heard if the fan is blocked with the debris. You must clean the fan blade if it is blocked and get a new fan blade in case it is damaged. 

Faulty compressor

As there are several noisy refrigerator risks, you must examine the refrigerator if you hear an unusual sound coming from it. If you have checked the fan blade and don’t see any issue then the buzzing sound can be because of a faulty compressor. 

A faulty compressor produces a humming or buzzing sound if it is not working properly. The noise gets so disturbing and loud that you even hear it in another room. In this case, you need an expert electrician to replace the compressor as you cannot repair it using a DIY skill. 

Motor Malfunction

A wearing motor in a refrigerator can also cause a disturbing noise. Motor malfunction will result in a grinding or humming noise that will be heard at large distances. You can check the bearing of the motor to see if they are intact or not. If there is any problem with the bearings then you can change them. 

Unbalanced Fridge

A refrigerator has adjustable legs that make it stand in a balanced position. If the legs fall inside it causes the fridge to be unbalanced. This causes the fridge to become unstable and make unusual sounds when the refrigerator runs. 

You must use a spirit level to check if your fridge is leveled properly or not. In case it’s not leveled you can use a screwdriver to tighten the nuts. This will prevent the refrigerator from producing clunking sounds.

What to do if my refrigerator is noisy?

If the noise is getting louder and can be heard even from the next room it indicates a fault. 

You must listen to where the noise is coming from. If there is a blazing noise it can be due to fan blades whereas a creaking or groaning sound is due to an unleveled refrigerator.

A few problems can be fixed easily like adjustability or blocked fans. Whereas other malfunctions like faulty compressors or motors can only be fixed by electricians or technicians. 

How to repair a noisy refrigerator?

Several noisy refrigerator risks eventually result in fire and explosions causing a burning smell coming from your fridge. You must take action if you hear unusual noises from your fridge. Electrical appliance noise and safety are interrelated so you must get them repaired in time to avoid any hazard. 

If you are unable to find the cause, make sure to call a professional so that they can unscrew the fridge and find out the potential cause. The cost to repair the noisy refrigerator varies depending upon the cause. However, if it’s a faulty motor or compressor you need $200 – $300 to repair it depending on the model. 

FAQs About Appliance Noise And Safety

Is a fridge noise dangerous?

A low humming or buzzing sound is common in any refrigerator, however, if the voice gets louder than the standard decibel level, then it is a cause for concern. You must keep the safety of noisy appliances in check because this is sometimes an indication of a hazard. 

Is a noisy fridge freezer dangerous at night?

A hum, click, or buzz that doesn’t sound too high during the day may become louder at night in turn disturbing your sleep. However, the noise is as dangerous at night as it is in the day but at night vibrations travel easily through the cold air to prevent overheating. 

Is it normal for a fridge to be noisy?

Almost all the models newer or older produce a certain decibel of noise. However, if the fridge is loaded the humming or buzzing sound can be increased as well. But it should not be loud enough that you can even hear it in another room. 

How do I know if my fridge is dangerous?

If the humming or blazing sound is getting too loud then it is an indication that something is wrong with the refrigerator. The four potential causes include a damaged fan blade, faulty compressor, motor malfunction, or an unbalanced fridge. You must check for these causes and seek professional help if needed. 

How do I reduce the noise in my fridge?

The first way to reduce the noise is to use a rubber isolation mat at the bottom of your refrigerator to decouple two hard surfaces. This will decrease the noise to a certain decibel. Another way is to use a sound-deafening foam under the legs of the appliance, it will help to reduce noise in the fridge. 

Closing In on Is a noisy fridge dangerous?

In conclusion, several fridge sound hazards can be caused if you ignore the dangerous refrigerator sounds. Is a noisy fridge dangerous? Well, it’s a yes. The impact of loud fridges can be quite annoying and can also compromise your safety. You must have to know the potential cause behind these loud noises to prevent your fridge from catching fire. 

You must know the reason as well as the noise that your fridge is making. We have clearly explained the alarming causes and types of noises that are caused due to certain causes. So make sure to check it first yourself and if you are unable to find one make sure to seek help from a professional!

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