Craft Fall-Themed Wall Art for Thanksgiving

Craft Fall-Themed Wall Art for Thanksgiving: 5 Easy DIY Pumpkin Decor and Leaf Crafts

Decorate this festive season with fall-themed wall art for Thanksgiving like leaf crafts and rustic pumpkin decor to match the cozy atmosphere. Add a touch of charm to your home with rustic wood rounds, pumpkin shelf-sitters, and wall decor. Explore unique and custom handmade pieces from Etsy or find inspiration for Thanksgiving crafts on Lia Griffith. Michaels offers a variety …

Decorate this festive season with fall-themed wall art for Thanksgiving like leaf crafts and rustic pumpkin decor to match the cozy atmosphere.

Add a touch of charm to your home with rustic wood rounds, pumpkin shelf-sitters, and wall decor. Explore unique and custom handmade pieces from Etsy or find inspiration for Thanksgiving crafts on Lia Griffith. Michaels offers a variety of fall wall decor options to remind others to be grateful and embrace autumn.

You can use pumpkin, gourd, leaf garland and/or other natural elements to create the authentic look of the fall season. All you need to do is to follow some simple and affordable projects though.

Creating Rustic Pumpkin Decor

Craft Fall-Themed Wall Art for Thanksgiving: DIY Pumpkin Decor and Leaf Crafts
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Add a bit of paint, stick some twine and burlap, and carve some shapes off to turn the humble pumpkin into a rustic masterpieces.

Pumpkin painting, carving, and decorating

You can all three of these techniques to give life to your fall-themed Thanksgiving pumpkin decor idea. It’s something like this:

  • Pumpkin Painting: Choose a color, preferably the ones traditionally associated autumn like gold, copper, and brown, and brushes of different sharpness to paint beautiful patterns on you pumpkin. Use acrylic paint.
  • Pumpkin Carving: Use specialized carving tools or simple knives to carve out a classic Jack-o’-lantern or shapes that are reminiscent of the season like maple leaves.
  • Pumpkin Decorating: Alternatively, or in addition, your could stick cute buttons, ribbons, and small figurines with glue and pins to embellish a dazzling pumpkin piece.

Rustic with twine, burlap, and leaves

On the other hand, you could add more depth and texture with a rustic look by incorporating natural elements like twine, burlap, and leaves. It’s a creative way to draw visual interest.

  • Twine: Wrap and tie different types of knots around pumpkin stems to give them a blend of handmade and natural look. Coloring the twine isn’t such a bad idea either.
  • Burlap: Cut small squares of burlap fabric and tie them around the pumpkins with twine or glue them directly onto the pumpkin surface. The rough texture of burlap will enhance the rustic appeal.
  • Leaves: Gather a handful of colorful autumn leaves and stick them in foliage pattern on the pumpkin using glue and pins. Use faux-leaves to add variety.

Incorporate simple elements like twine, burlap and natural leaves to bring warmth and charm to your fall-themed wall art for Thanksgiving.

Crafting Thanksgiving Leaf Decorations

Craft Fall-Themed Wall Art for Thanksgiving

Create stunning fall-themed wall art for Thanksgiving with easy DIY craft projects. From leaf decorations to rustic pumpkin decor, these crafts will add a touch of autumn charm to your home. Get inspired and start crafting today!

Explore Creative Ways To Use Leaves In Your Fall Decor

Autumn is synonymous with the vibrancy of the colorful fallen leaves of the season. Their presence add crisp and natural touch to your Thanksgiving decoration. There are more ways to be creative with them than one would often give them credit for. Let’s take a look.

Garlands, wreaths, and centerpieces

One of the easiest ways to incorporate leaves into your fall decor is by creating leaf garlands, wreaths, and centerpieces. You can use real and/or artificial leaves to create patterns that best match your personal preference.

  • Garlands: String together colorful leaves of different sizes to create beautiful garlands to twist around bannisters or hang over doorways. Use glue to secure each knots.
  • Wreaths: Get a pre-made wreath frame and attach leaves using floral wire or hot glue. Use leaves of uniform structure or of varying appearance to match your sense of creativity.
  • Centerpieces: Take a vase or bowl and arrange the colorful leaves in a blooming pattern. You can also add other ‘fall’ elements like pumpkins and berries in moderation to create a more wholesome display.

Leaf pressing and DIY leaf art

Leaf pressing and DIY leaf art are other creative ways to incorporate leaves into your fall decor while engaging family time with seasonal affairs. These projects are fun for both kids and adults.

  • Leaf Pressing: As you can imagine, this projects requires a bit of planning ahead since you need to give time for the leaves to flatten. Collect colorful leaves of desired shapes and place them between wax paper or inside heavy books and leave them pressed for a few days. Once done, you can frame them, use them in scrapbooking, or stick them into homemade greeting cards.
  • DIY Leaf Art: Another way to use pressed leaves is as stencils. Put them over a canvas, paper or wood and trace an outline. Next, color the shapes using different patterns. You can also experiment with different techniques such as leaf rubbing or decoupage to add texture and depth to your leaf art.

By exploring creative ways to use leaves in your fall decor, such as through leaf garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, leaf pressing, and DIY leaf art, you can bring the beauty and essence of nature into your home this Thanksgiving season.

DIY Pumpkin Wall Art

Craft Fall-Themed Wall Art for Thanksgiving

Fall is the perfect time to get creative and add some seasonal charm to your walls. Let us move on and find out how we can use pumpkins to create a fall-themed wall art.

Guide to creating pumpkin-themed wall art

  • Select a base like a stretched canvas or a wooden board.
  • Sketch the pumpkin outline with a pencil or chalk.
  • Fill in the shape with acrylic paint. Choose whatever color you like. Let it dry.
  • Add details to the painted pumpkin like ribs and stem using a fine tipped brush or paint pen. You can give it a more rustic look by using sandpaper to distress the edges.
  • Give it time to dry off completely.
  • Add more fall elements like leaves and acorns using stenciled patterns. Secure a stencil with painter’s tape and use a sponge or stencil brush to apply contrasting paint over the attached shape. Experiment away.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Embellish your pumpkin wall art with ribbons, faux-leaf garlands, and/or twine.

All that’s left to do now is to hang your masterpiece for everyone so see and admire.

Painting techniques and stencil patterns

There are various painting techniques that you can use while filling in the outlined shape to highlight the pumpkin’s textures. These techniques include:

  • Dry brushing: Using a dry brush and a small amount of paint to achieve a rough, textured effect.
  • Splatter painting: Flicking paint creates a speckled look but requires a somewhat experienced hand.
  • Ombre blending: It’s a gradually blending method where one color or pattern ‘segues’ into another. Best used to transition from light to dark or vice versa.

As for stencils, fall-inspired design patterns include, but not limited to, maple leaves, sunflowers, and acorns. You can also find some unique ideas online. online or create your own.

Whichever technique, paint, color, material, or pattern you choose, the end product must always shine with your own sense of personalized creativity.

Personalize Your Thanksgiving Craft Projects

Craft Fall-Themed Wall Art for Thanksgiving

Fall-themed wall art is a great way to express your creativity and add a touch of warmth to your Thanksgiving decorations. It’s also a great time to step outside the box. Let’s consider a few ways to mark the occasion with your signature style and values.

Add something personal

As a personal touch to your successful Thanksgiving project you can add your own monogram, which is basically a stylized signature. If you don’t have one already, it’s a nice opportunity to come up with one. As an alternative to painting it directly on to the wall art, you could also use wooden letters to complement the theme further.

Favorite quotes, or family names

If adding monogram to your own craft feel a bit crass or basic, you can always opt for something that showcases your literary aspirations. For instance, meaningful and famous quotes. Better still if it’s related to gratefulness and family.

Alternatively, you can use a monogram that represents your family name. You can incorporate either of these with stencils or vinyl lettering. Or, go for old fashioned hand lettering if you can manage a stylish font.

Sentimental items or family photos

If you want your fall-themed wall art to truly reflect the spirit of Thanksgiving, consider incorporating sentimental items or family photos into your crafts.

For example, a fall-themed shadowbox can include small sentimental items like dried flowers from your or your family’s garden, few small tokens of gratitude like a handwritten note, or a small trinket that represents a time of happiness and the reasons behind it. You can also incorporate a collage of black and white family photos from simpler times. These always work as nostalgic conversation starters for a warm and festive evening.

FAQs on Craft Fall-themed Wall Art For Thanksgiving

How To Decorate For Fall Thanksgiving?

Colorful leaf garlands, embellished pumpkins, dried flowers, gourd-and-berries based decorative pieces, and pumpkin based wall art are all authentic decorations for a fall Thanksgiving.

How To Decorate For Thanksgiving Cheap?

Homemade decorative pieces that include household materials and natural elements that you can find around you are great cheap options to decorate for Thanksgiving.

What Crafts Are For Thanksgiving?

Craft fall-themed wall art for Thanksgiving and create a cozy and festive atmosphere at home using natural materials like leaves and pine cones.

How To Make Cheap Fall Decorations?

Use natural materials like leaves, acorns, pine cones, and twigs to make cheap fall decorations like wreaths and leaf garlands.

How Can I Create Fall-themed Wall Art For Thanksgiving?

Use pressed leaves, acorns, stencils, ribbons, and letters to create and embellish fall-themed wall art for Thanksgiving.


Fall is the perfect time to embrace the cozy and natural beauty of the season, and what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with some DIY fall-themed wall art? From rustic wood rounds to handprint and footprint art, there are endless possibilities to add a touch of charm to your home.

By incorporating elements like leaves, pumpkins, and natural materials, you can create unique and affordable decorations that will bring warmth and gratitude to your space. So get your creative juices flowing and start crafting your own fall-themed wall art for a Thanksgiving to remember.

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