Are Tape Measures Accurate for Height

Are Tape Measures Accurate for Height – 6 Things to Know

You might wonder if there is a quick and accurate technique to measure your height. Is this something you can do on your own or need an extra pair of eyes to help you? Are tape measures accurate for height?  In simple words, when used correctly tape measures are accurate for measuring height at home. When you’re at the doctor’s, …

You might wonder if there is a quick and accurate technique to measure your height. Is this something you can do on your own or need an extra pair of eyes to help you? Are tape measures accurate for height? 

In simple words, when used correctly tape measures are accurate for measuring height at home. When you’re at the doctor’s, you might’ve seen a fancy height measurement tool known as a stadiometer. It is used for body measurements and to get accurate medical measurements which are documented in your records. This measuring equipment isn’t always available to us when we’re home. However, precision measuring is possible when you use the proper measurement techniques and look out for measuring errors. 

You might also ask yourself why you’d need to measure your height in the first place. Well, height measurement isn’t just for medical checkups. It’s often an indication of your growth and nourishment which is why our parents would keep track of how tall we’ve become either by using a tape measure or by marking it on the walls. For adults, it’s essential to keep track of your height as well. Height loss could be a possible indication of an underlying medical condition. Additionally, with increasing rates of obesity among children and adults, it’s even more critical to keep track of your height. 

What is the Most Accurate Way to Measure Your Height 

A tape measure, be it a steel one or a soft one, is something we have at home. It’s used to measure cloth lengths for sewing purposes, carpenting, and can be used to measure height as well. 

Here is how you can go about measuring your height with a tape measure at home: 

  1. The things you’ll need – a tape measure, a book, a piece of chalk or marker and a standing mirror. 
  2. Stand against a wall with a mirror in front of you.  
  3. Make sure you’re standing in front of a mirror or have a portable mirror placed horizontally against the wall to stand in front of. Keep in mind that with a portable mirror placement is crucial. If it isn’t placed perpendicular to the wall, it may not give you an accurate view, making the entire process more challenging. Additionally, keep in mind to stand upright yourself. The purpose of the mirror is to allow you to see if you are marking your height accurately and to help you place the book on your head. 
  4. Place the book on your head such that the book remains as straight as possible. 
  5. Using the chalk mark where the book touches your head. 
  6. Then, use a measuring tape to measure the length from the ground to the mark. 

Things to look out for while measuring height with a tape measure 

  1. Make sure the wall you’re standing against is completely flat. 
  2. Avoid cushioned walls and surfaces to stand on and lean against. 
  3. Take off your shoes and socks.
  4. Anything else on your head that could interfere with a precise measuring, such as braids, hats and headbands, should be removed.
  5. Stand on the level floor with your heels pointing in the opposite direction of the angle formed between the wall and floor. Check that your skull, shoulder joint, and buttocks are all in contact with the wall and aligned.
  6. Make sure your feet and back are aligned with the wall. 

These are things to keep in mind when you’re measuring your height on your own. If you have someone helping you, have them lean a flat object, such as a hardback book or a ruler, at a straight angle against the wall. Then simply have them lower it at a right angle to the wall until it lightly settles on top of your head. Then, mark the spot where the flat item touches your head. 

Reading the tape measure 

When you look at the tape measure, you’ll notice that it is divided into two with a long black line down the middle. On each side of the line, you’ll see numerical markings. The side on which the numbers are more separated is the side with inches, and the other where the numbers are closer is centimeter.

The markings between each centimeter denote millimeters and markings between each inch denote fractions of an inch. Additionally, you’ll also notice that among the markings between each inch and centimeter, there is one marking that is longer than the others. This longer marking denotes half.  

Are Tape Measures Accurate for Height Are Tape Measures Accurate for Height
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The chances of an inaccurate measurement 

The standard measurement for a tape measure is 16 inch. Determining the tape measure accuracy depends on some variables. It’s best to keep in mind that the measuring equipment has an accuracy of 0.05 cm. This 0.05 cm means that your estimate may be 0.05 cm higher or lower than the real number. 

Additionally, keep in mind that a tape measure loses its accuracy with time. The numbers on a tape tend to fade over time, and the tape itself might bend, corrode, become twisted, or even break. You might also believe that a newly purchased tape measure would always give you accurate measurements and retain the measurement standard. However, this isn’t always the case. While there’s a quality control procedure for manufacturers and criterias their product has to pass to be released into the market, there is always a possibility that a faulty item or batch slithers in. Furthermore, the longer the tape measure, the greater the possibility of measuring error.

FAQs on Are Tape Measures Accurate for Height

Can a tape measure be wrong?

Sometimes, yes. It’s very rare for tape measures to deviate largely from the measurement standards as the product goes through quality checks before being released into the market. However, that’s not to say that a faulty one might make its way into the hands of consumers. Additionally, old and rusty tape measures often do not give accurate readings as they are more difficult to use and the markings are unclear.

What is the most accurate way to measure your height?

A stadiometer. It is a long ruler attached to the wall or a perpendicular stand. It has a horizontal sliding headpiece that may be adjusted to rest on top of your head. This equipment isn’t available to everyone and is one that you’ve most likely seen at the doctor’s.

Which is a more accurate ruler or tape measure?

When measuring the height of something that is longer, a tape measure is more accurate and efficient.

What are the disadvantages of tape measure measurement?

The classic steel tape measures have the disadvantage of cutting you if you’re not careful. While the soft tape measures are easier to measure cloth with ang into crevices, it is not ideal for larger measurements as you’d have to be sure that tape isn’t moving.

Is your morning height your true height?

There is no way to determine this and in reality, there is no best time to measure your height. While you are taller in the morning, your height changes throughout the day due to the change in the intervertebral discs.

What is better than a tape measure?

digital tape measure with laser

Digital tape measure or a laser measure could serve you better as it is faster and easier to use. Click here to make a buying choice from Amazon.

Final Verdict 

So, to answer the question, Are tape measures accurate for height, there is usually no need for caution unless you somehow manage to end up with a faulty tape measure or if you decide to use a really old one. With some proper care and attention to detail, and learning how to read a tape measure, the task can be accomplished. Moreover, with practice, you’ll find yourself having no trouble at all. Read What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Flooring.

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